Sunday, December 27, 2009

Running with an eye infection: well, it could've been worse...

Gross, gross, gross.

I had a major eye infection this past week (thanks Santa) so on Saturday I had planned to run but it was so hard to get out of bed. Sleeping with a very swollen eye is difficult. I pretty much looked like Rhianna, post Chris Brown. I called the eye doctor and he said it was a sty and there wasn't much I could do besides moist heat and wait for it to drain (gross, I know. gross!) so that's what I did.

This morning the swelling FINALLY started to really go down after I took a hot shower and the aforementioned happened (I won't mention this anymore, I'm sorry) so my crusty eye and I dragged our butt out of bed in the morning and to the gym.

I got through it, but I think I found that I really do need to run every other day when possible. My run definitely felt more difficult that I had taken two days between running. Ankle pain was also acting up, of course, but I managed to get through it without any major issues. I ran on the regular 1 percent incline at 5 mph, only slowing down once to like 4.8 for a few seconds because I really was in a lot of pain. I probably could've spent more time stretching as well to avoid that. Blah - next time.

The whole eye infection thing though is frustrating and scary to me because I just can't seem to stay healthy while I'm training. For my last race, it was my wisdom teeth and the dry socket and the post-surgery infection that pretty much dictated my horrible time. This infection scared me but I was determined to run through it, because I don't want to fail again.

I'll probably run again on Tuesday, and when I do, I am going to be majorly kicking up the time. This week is where I always trip. I always fail. I can't seem to run for 3 minutes straight. It hurts, I can't breathe, etc. So I am just going to take it slow, ease into it, and do my best.

I'm also on vacation this week so I'll have the time to spend at the gym that I want to.

P.S. I bought my very own scale today. And I plan on using it!

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