Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I took the leap...but for right now I'm taking it easy

So, I did it. I signed up to run a half marathon! Oh my goodness. I'm crazy. You can't bullsh-t 13.1 miles, you just can't. Now, aside from training, there's only one thing in my way.

I have to raise $2,900 to even run this race. Oh boy. That alone has me terrified. If I can't make $725 by April 1, I have to either "recommit" by giving them my credit card to make up for the rest of the money or drop off the team. Oh boy.

Here is my fundraising page:

As you can see I have a whopping $50 so far! YES! haha. I am putting a raffle together, though, hopefully that will generate a lot more interest. But please, donate if you are so inclined!

Anyway, I'm taking it easy this week (aka not doing much at all) because starting next week, I'm in the gym 6 days week. Here's what my schedule is going to be, roughly:

Monday: Cross train @ gym (cycling/elliptical)
Tuesday: Run @ gym
Wednesday: Cross train @ pool (swimming)
Thursday: Run (OUTSIDE)
Friday: Cross train @ gym (cycling/elliptical) or @ pool (swimming)
Saturday: Long run (OUTSIDE)
Sunday: OFF

As you can see I've decided to incorperate swimming into my cross training, which I'm so very excited for. I always hated swimming when I was little- you know those stupid swim classes school made you take? I used to BEGGGG for notes to get me out of it! But I think that if I can go at my own pace I can really get a lot out of it, just for exercise. Swimming is also supposedly very good for people with injuries, and with my ankle injury, that sounds awesome. Of course I'm sure that will be harder than I say it is!

I only have a few days left of freedom before the craziness starts. I'm already stressed out about the fundraising in a big big way. AHH!