Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Aaaand I'm back in the game!!

I took about a week-longish break from running to let my ankle rest. I decided to repeat week 5 of my Couch to 5k plan this week, and (I's Wednesday, I'm so not on the ball) today was my first run of Wee 5 part 2.

And I actually did really well!!! No ankle pain, yay, and I completed all the runs. granted I did it kind of slower than usual, at about 4.4 mph, which sucks...but what can you do. It felt great.

I didn't know if I would be able to run as well but the days I haven't gotten to the gym I've been doing my Jillian Michaels workout video which really pumps me up and I feel like I work hard and am getting toned at the same time.

I'll probably run again tomorrow and spend some real quality time at the gym. Lately I am getting sad that my gym (planet fitness) doesn't offer good classes. It's a cheap, no-frills gym, so I can't expect much, but I'll say this: If they did offer say, spinning or yoga, I'd do it!!

That's all for now: I'll update tomorrow. xoxo

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Taking it easy

So I've been running lately but I haven't updated lately because I guess I just don't feel good about it. I've really been taking it easy, doing about half of my runs because of my ankle and I don't want to overdo it. I want to get into a doctor and eventually physical therapy for it, and I don't want to mess anything up. Perfect excuse, right? O:)

So lately I've just been running for about 15 minutes, usually a 5 minute run followed by two 3-minute runs, and some walking in between. Then after that I've been doing some biking and the elliptical machine to still get my cardio in.

It's frustrating, but I have time. My next race is Feb. 28, which is in about 7 weeks. I shouldn't be stressing right now but I don't want to get off track! I also need to definitely start running outside. Humph. :(

I also picked up:

JILLIAN! haha. I'll probably pick up another Biggest Loser video too, for the days that I am soooo lazy that I don't want to go to the gym, or when I'm snowed in, etc.
I've heard they're both really good workouts, so I'm pretty stoked for that.

I'll probably give myself today off, and run again tomorrow.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Hit the wall, running.


I kind of knew week 4 of Couch to 2k (also known as C25K) would be the worst yet, one I'll probably have to repeat. It is brutal. I did the day 1 90% fine. Today - I don't know if it was that I took two days in between running or what - it was such a disaster. I MAYBE got a few 3-minute runs in. I'm supposed to be getting comfortable with 5 minute runs.

The ankle pain is getting unbearable and I think I need to see a physical therapist ASAP to deal with this if I want to keep running. I'm trying to listen to my body and not run through the pain when I don't think I should, which is what I did today. I backed off when I really felt like something was wrong. At the same time, I'm frustrated, and as soon as pain starts to happen I get upset and depressed and I don't want to continue working out. It's really crappy.

To make matters worse, I've been feeling, let's just say, not 100% all week and it's not that I haven't been paying attention to my diet - it's that I've been retaining water or some other ridiculous crap. Anyway, the number on the scale was absolutely disappointing when I weighed myself today, and it just added fuel to an already horrible and depressing and awful fire.

Two weeks into me being serious about this and I've hit a wall. I am getting flashbacks of my 15-year-old self, doing the same thing, still trying to become healthy, and seeing where I am today, that obviously never happened because I am in the same exact place, probably even worse off because I have more lb's to lose.

This is so depressing that I can't even write about it anymore.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Resolutions for 2010

So, before I get started with resolutions, I just want to say: I've never been this sore before.

I've never had to actually ice my knees and ankles after a run (or a race). My calves are still not feeling so hot, but I really want to run tomorrow, so hopefully I can shake that off. I also won't be able to run outside tomorrow due to an all-weekend snow storm, so to the gym it is.

I'm still a little frustrated my work on the treadmill hasn't translated to the street. That is something I definitely need to work on - and pacing myself. Why am I finding this so hard? Do other people find this hard too?

Anyway, here are my goals for 2010:

1. Run a 5k in 37 minutes.

2. Run and finish a half marathon. (Oh boy is that terrifying! But it would be a dream come true!)

3. Continue to monitor what I eat.

4. Learn to love vegetables.

5. I need to cook more and not be terrified of it.

Okay so that's really it. I'm not really comfortable setting too many goals or resolutions, because I hate being disappointed. This will have to do.

Look out, 2010. I will OWN YOU.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Oh boy, race, you showed me what's up. But i will OWN YOU.

Bad running picture of the race:


Today's race had a lot of good and bad aspects, but overall, I'm pretty happy.

Good: I beat my last time by 4 minutes! yay!

Bad: Oh hey, running on the street is like totally different than running on a treadmill. My "12 minute mile" on the treadmill became embarrassingly slow on the street.

Good: I met a really nice lady during mile 2 who ran with me!! She was super nice and reminded me to pace myself. As we were going, some 10k runners were already on their second round, and she was like "Next time that will be us!" Love her.

Bad: I can never pace myself correctly. I start off too fast then get tired. I do short sprints to get ahead then get tired. I hate it! And in some places, looking back, I felt like I could have pushed more.

Good: I really, really love my pink medal with champagne on it.

Bad: I had walked a little before I hit mile 3 and just decided to run the rest. Then I almost became Sicky McThrowup. I made it to the finish running but a cop on the way seriously almost had it in. I really felt like I was gonna puke!

Good: One thing I really love about racing is the people who don't even know you telling you that you did an awesome job. I got to the finish and met up with the lady I ran with at mile 2 and she was like "You beat your last time! And you're not last!" I said thanks but hunched over because I felt like I was gonna puke, and she rubbed my back. So nice!!!!

After that I felt better and decided to go get some water. On my way in a lady looked at my medal and was like "That's so great!!! Look at how amazing you are." WHAT?! I just ran a race that was probably really crappy, but you think I'm awesome!? I love you!

Now I'm pretty sore right now, but it's bearable.

I guess I have to bite a bullet, though: I need to run outside. At least more often than I am now. Ughhhh.

Next race is Feb. 28.