Monday, December 21, 2009

"Learning to run includes lots of walking. Get over it."

So I read an article yesterday on one of my favorite Web sites - - about "Running 101." I really love that they have some new sections for "Newbie Runners" and also especially for people running 5ks. Anyway, one of the article said, "Learning to run includes lots of walking. Get over it."

Get over it. Simple. So I went running today, and I actually did really well. I extended my time a little bit and my whole workout was running/walking about a mile and a half. My ankle pain did kick in around 10 minutes into my work out but I got through it and I didn't even have to decrease the pace I was running at. Yay! Walking a little more in between each run felt weird, but I did it and actually appreciated the extra 30 seconds to recover between each run at times.

Here's what I am trying to get over: the little voice in my head that says I'm not doing enough. I'm not training enough, I'm not running fast enough, I'm not eating well enough, I'm walking too much, I should run longer, etc. etc. etc.

When I first started running, someone told me to just do the plan. Just run what you are supposed to run and it won't fail you. I am trying to trust that advice and be satisfied with what I'm doing. If the plan won't fail me, I won't fail it by screwing it up.

This week is Christmas, which poses a lot of challenges for anyone looking to run or eat healthy. I'm just trying to take it as it comes and not be TOO bad.

My next run will probably be on Thursday.

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