Thursday, December 17, 2009

Okay, here I am.

So I'm starting this running business again - for serious! 

First, let me explain myself. I am not very athletic and never have been. I enjoy watching sports from the sidelines, particularly hockey, but in high school and college I was never particularly compelled to play anything.

But I feel the need to move. And be healthy.

Last November, I did my very first 5k. It went well for what it was. I definitely could have gotten a better time. I faced a lot of challenges: I got my wisdom teeth out and battled infection after infection from that, which took me out of training for about two weeks. I travelled for about a week and after that became sick. 

During the November 5k, I took so many walk breaks because I hadn't trained much, and I got depressed, but I finished. So now I am just working on mastering those 3.2 miles and running as much as I can until I get a time that satisfies me. 

Right now I'm training for a 5k on Feb. 7. I want to run the whole thing. I am starting from square one again training, working my way up, and hoping it goes well.

I am doing a "practice" 5k on Jan. 1. If I can run/walk it throughout the whole 3.2 miles, I'll be happy.

While training for my November run I blogged off an on, and decided to delete that and start over with this blog. Forgive me for the sporatic updates - I do write for a living, after all, and sometimes my brain is so tired I just run out of juice. Hopefully I can update more often now, but no promises! haha.

Today was my second run on the training program and it went pretty well. The first run was actually amazing! I felt great after. This one was pretty good - the only crappy thing, of course, was that I forgot to stretch to start (d'oh!) and immediately my ankle began hurting.

My ankle is something I have literally battled since I was 12. I've sprained by ankle six times, and it has made running really difficult. If I were to explain the pain, I'd say it feels like massive cramps in my ankle when I run. Usually stretching out before running holds off the pain until the end of my run.

But today I learned that without stretching, pain in my ankle comes almost immediately. Grrrreat.

But I pushed through as much as I could and finished the work out. Hopefully if I just stretch before I start from now on it will be less of an issue :)

I plan to run again Saturday or Sunday. I'll probably (hopefully? maybe? who knows) update then.

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